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FloorRight Reports

New reports are now available for FloorRight customers.

While the standard list of reports is extensive and covers many reporting situations, these new reports provide additional report options for more specific situations. All three heading styles are included.

Purchase these reports, download, and the installer will automatically add the new templates to your FloorRight installation where you can select them in the usual manner: File> Reports> Preview> Report Templates> Blueprint, Classic or Tabbed Style.

Room Material Quantity $89.95
This report is based on the Room Material Summary report, plus it includes each room's area, the quantity of material needed, and the room's perimeter. Keep in mind that there is no sharing of material between rooms, therefore a total material is not included.
Job Estimate Material and Quantity $89.95
This report is similar to the Job Everything report, showing quantities of Layable, Boxed and Non boxed materials, but with no pricing information.
Job Markup $89.95
This report is based on a Job Detailed report. The user is asked for a markup percentage. FloorRight then calculates subtotals for each material, for the markup generated dollars, and for the tax column, and then totals the whole job.
Job Floors $89.95
This report is based on the Job Full report. When generating the report the user enters the number of "Floors". FloorRight then multiplies each material, and the underlying items, by the number of floors, and gives appropriate Subtotals and Totals.

Large format reports

For FloorRight users with large format printers and plotters we now have available the standard set of report templates in Tabloid (11x17) and Arch E1 (30x42) sizes. For other sizes please contact us.

Tabloid Size (11"x17") $89.95
A collection of all standard report templates that ship with FloorRight in Tabloid Size.
Architecture E1 Size (30"x42") $89.95
A collection of all standard report templates that ship with FloorRight in Architecture E1 Size.

Custom FloorRight Reports

This is just a taste of the reports that may be used to enhance FloorRight's reporting capabilities. If these reports do not fit your needs, visit our Custom Report service page for information on our custom report contract services.

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