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FloorRight™ Product Line

No matter what the size of your business, FloorRight™ has a software solution that will fit your needs.

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FloorRight™ Estimator

Perfect for smaller jobs, FloorRight™ Estimator contains most of the basic features available in the higher-grade FloorRight products that allow a user to create quick, accurate estimates. Estimator supports the creation of square or rectangular rooms as well as any user created polygonal room. In addition FloorRight Estimator allows the user to place seams in a desired location in a room.

FloorRight™ Professional

When Estimator isn't enough, FloorRight™ Professional adds features to help complete your more complex tasks. FloorRight™ Professional allows the creation of holes, borders, tiles and transitions in a room. FloorRight™ Professional also adds a report generator as well as the ability to import scanned floor plans (including most image formats or via a scaner) and to export to most image formats or an Adobe .pdf file.

FloorRight™ Commercial

If you often work on very large commercial projects, FloorRight™ Commercial is for you. FloorRight™ Commercial combines all of the features of Professional plus support for Disto© laser rangefinder, as well as the import and export of AutoCAD files. Commercial also adds dye lots and rolls and a powerful report designer.

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